Performing exercises to tighten the vaginal muscles

Performing exercises to tighten the vaginal muscles

Many women would go an extra mile to make their vagina tighter, and the reasons for this may from one woman to another. One major reason that makes women yearn for a tighter vagina is to make penetrative sex enjoyable. Men have complained of having a very dull sexual experience because a woman’s vagina is somehow loose. Another reason that would motivate women to seek for tight vagina is to heal medical conditions such as after giving birth.

There are different ways of making your vaginal muscles tighter and they range from surgery to vaginal muscle exercises. Here are the best exercises that you can perform either at home or the gym.


These are the most popular vaginal muscle tightening exercises that many people prefer to do, and this is because of their convenience. You can perform Kegel exercises from anywhere without other people noticing what you are doing. The main aim of Kegel exercises is to strengthen and tighten PC muscles which are found at the lower end of the vagina.


Performing Kegels is much easier; first, you need to slowly contract and tighten the vaginal muscles till they become very tight. Hold the muscles for 10 seconds and after that release or relax them for another 10 seconds. Repeat the routine at least ten times a day and after that, you can repeat the exercises regularly.

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Using vaginal Props

Giving birth can negatively affect the pelvic floor muscles by making them loose and less sensitive. This will, in turn, lead to a boring sexual experience. Vaginal props come in handy especially if Kegels fail to make an impact. What you are required to do is to insert the prop into the vaginal opening then make the area around it tight.

These props come in different shapes and weights but it is always advisable to start with lighter props, and as the muscles get tighter, start using heavier props. They help the muscles around the vagina to be stronger and tighter.

Regular Squats

dhgdsd654Many people don’t believe that doing squats can have a big impact on the vaginal muscles. The truth of the matter is that squats will help the vaginal muscles to be tighter than before, and this will happen only if they are performed correctly. While holding a light bar using both hands, position your hands in front of your shoulders but it should be slightly higher. Assume that you are going to sit on a chair and with your thighs parallel to the floor, go back to your standing position. Repeat this process slowly and steadily.

The results of vaginal muscle exercises will start showing after 10 to 20 days. This means that you should be very patient with them since at first, the exercises can be quite challenging. The good thing is that you don’t need to confine yourself to a particular place so as to perform them.

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