Most Common Causes Of Infertility

Most Common Causes Of Infertility

The reproductive system, illness, hormones, complications in surgery and disease are some of the factors that cause infertility in women. Women account approximately to a third of all infertility cases. Another third is estimated in men, and the remaining third is undermined, or unknown. The unknown causes are often caused by behavioral or environmental factors that can be resolved quickly. Infertility leads to a lot of frustrations as it prevents couples from having a baby. Here are some of the situations and conditions that cause infertility to women.

Old Agedgfcdfdcd

Infertility problem is natural and inevitable. Even if you are the healthiest woman, you can be faced with difficulties in getting pregnant. Old age can cause infertility, and it becomes worse as a woman becomes older in age. Women of around 40 years have 5% chances of getting pregnant and women of 25 years old have a 25% chance of becoming pregnant through sexual intercourse.


It is a medical condition that results from the irregular growth of like endometrial cells around the cavity of the womb. This growth often occurs around the ovary area. Distortions in the natural physiology of the female reproductive organs result from this disease. It halts the progression and causes lesions of the egg cell fertilization.

Pelvic Inflammation

It is another cause of infertility in women. It can be caused by certain diseases involving the female reproductive organ or result from the family history. This disease may cause the blockage of the fallopian tube. It prevents the sperm cells from entering to the ovaries where egg cells are produced making it difficult for a woman to get pregnant.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Sexually transmitted diseases can cause infertility problems in women. Lesions can destroy the female reproductive organ.  Diseases like pelvic inflammation cause a physiological problem that will get in the way of successful pregnancy or fertilization. It is necessary to check with your doctor first about the possibility of STDs before attempting to get pregnant.

Ovulation Dysfunction

gvgsvgsMany diverse medical problems may make the procedure of ovulation not to go well. For example thyroid, hypothalamus and pituitary are hormone-secreting glands that may not produce the right hormones or may malfunction. This problem may cause ovulation failures.

Emotional Problems

In some cases, the problems may be psychological and not physiological. Depression can play a primary role in infertility as there is a relationship between the body and mind. Negative emotions can cause an imbalance in the secretion of hormones. If this happens, the process of ovulation of fertilization may be affected